Bowles day5

23rd April 2018
After the campfire last night, all was very quickly quiet as the children were so shattered after another full and challenging day. This, our final day of our first Year 6 residential, was filled with joy when two groups shared the ski slope for 3 hours culminating in a tobogan run and another group went off to the woods in the mini bus for some orienteering work. Ater team challenges in the afternoon, it was quite emotional as the instructors gave the children feedback about their resilience, manners and attitude to each other and the other people at Bowles. They were effusive about how clean and tidy they all lef their rooms too! The trip, was without doubt, a huge success and I want to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you to Mrs Scott for all her efforts to make it happen, organising everything, and to Mr Casswell for giving up a week of family life (and a decent night's sleep!).