Art Club

Spring Term
There was a lot of making and creating in art club in the Spring Term. From making colourful carnival masks with feathers and glitz to sculpting and designing cups, saucers and teapots for a tea party! Our rainy day paintings reminded us what Spring can be like where we live.
Well done to our imaginative children.
Autumn Term
We have been very busy this term.
We were inspired by Brighton-based artist Rhoda K Baker and had a go at creating 3D paperscapes. It was a challenge creating texture and pattern using only white paper!
We looked at the work of world-renowned Dutch painter Piet Mondrian and used lines, squares, rectangles and primary colours to make our own pieces.
We spent time looking at 'Forest of Birch Trees' by Gustav Klimt. We considered how he created an Autumnal feel and tried to do the same. It was fun using masking tape to block out the shapes of the trees. It was also really nice to use our own individual watercolour pans!
Later in the term, we talked about the ancient Hindu festival of Diwali (the festival of lights) and made some textured and colourful clay diva lamps to hold small candles.
We went outside to collect natural things that looked like letters on their own or things that looked like parts of letters. We tried to make our names using these, then drew what we saw to make some new fonts!
We are very pleased with the final results.
We are looking forward to what's to come in Spring!