Autumn Term 1

Please click on the plan below to see the what your children will be learning in Reception in the first half term.
Starting Reception
What a fabulous first few weeks! We have been exploring the classroom and school environment and making new friends. We have been learning about the classroom rules and expectations as well as the Bramber Values through stories and through role-playing with our class puppets. We have also been sharing our 'All About Me' boxes to get to know each other.
This half term, we have been learning about dinosaurs alongside allowing children to pursue their own interests and curiosities.
The children discovered some mysterious footprints in the classroom. We discussed who might have left them and came to the conclusion that it was a dinosaur! The children wrote signs to warn others about the dinosaur footprints. 
The following week, the children received a video from a paleontologist called Jake. He explained that there could be dinosaur fossils in our very own sandpit! The children used shovels, brushes and magnifying glasses to find and study the dinosaur fossils. This provocation led to the children going on a dinosaur hunt and finding clues that led them to believe that dinosaurs had been in our outdoor classroom. The children decided to make dinosaur traps to try and catch them. From this, the children came in to school to photos that Mrs Stimson had taken of some dinosaurs in our traps and Woodland Walk. The dinosaurs were no longer there during the day so we created lost posters to put around the school in the hope of finding them.