Autumn Term 2

Rhyming with Julia Topic
This week we were introduced to our new topic and found out that we were reading story books by the famous author, Julia Donaldson. We learnt that she wrote the stories and Axel Scheffler was the illustrator which meant he created the pictures. 
We began our learning by reading the well-known story 'The Gruffalo'. We went outside and imagined we had stepped into the story book. When walking through the 'deep dark wood' we found the different characters from the story; mouse, fox, owl, snake and the Gruffalo!! 
For the rest of the week we have been retelling the story, trying to remember key words and phrases and identifying words that rhyme! 
2D Shapes!
We have been introduced to 2D ('flat') shapes. We went on a shape hunt around the school to see what shapes we recognised on everyday objects. We then came back to the classroom and discussed the different shape properties, for example a triangle has 3 sides and 3 corners. With our new knowledge of shape, we have enjoyed creating Gruffalo character masks by using different shapes as the characters features. 
The Just One Tree event got us talking about why trees are so important... We shared our ideas that included: 'trees help us to breathe!' 'they protect us from the rain... like a shelter!' 'they are a home for animals' 'trees grow fruit for us to eat!'As a class we realised the value of trees and we're excited that our money raised will go towards planting many more trees to help our planet!
We have also been very busy with rehearsals for our Christmas Nativity. We are very excited for our grown-ups to come and see our first school performance in a couple of weeks time!