Bowles Day 4

19th April 2018
Wow, what a day! The children have risen again to the occasion, showing excellent resilience in activities and then wonderful social skills after another school joined us yesterday. they have socialised and played together nicely and the adults have all been very proud. Although it has been sweltering, they haven't complained (much!) and have been cheerful in their successes. Again, we have had a lot of food available with cereal and beans on toast for breakfast, sausage and vegetable casserole for lunch and turkey roast for dinner(vegetarian options available of course), plus fruit on self-help all day. Surprisingly, they have eaten the lot! Copious amounts of water has been consumed and sun-cream applied throughout the day. Now, they are enjoying a campfire, shortly ready for bed and really looking forward to coming home after their final day's activities tomorrow.