Urban footsteps and Scooter Skills day

Urban Footsteps and Scooter Skills programme
All children at Bramber take part in a road safety programme.  Children in Reception and Year 1 focus on pedestrian safety and how to cross the road. Children in Year 2, 3, 4 and 5 focus on their scooter skills and how to travel safely when using a scooter. Our Year 5 and 6 children will be looking a bikeability skills and how to travel safely on a bicycle.

Road safety awareness day


On Monday 3rd July your child will be encourage to take part in either a practical pedestrian training programme or a practical scooter training session.

Volunteers needed for the following sessions:

Morning (9 to 12) / Afternoon (1 to 3) / all day

Reception & Year 1

Children will participate in a programme called ‘Urban footsteps’ - which develops their knowledge and skills in order to help keep them safer near our roads.

Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 & Year 5

Children will bring their scooter to school (preferably wearing a helmet) and take part in a ‘Scooter Skills’ session. For children to be able to scoot safely on the pavements they should be made aware of some of the key safety aspects associated with scootering.

We would like all children to participate in this valuable session and would be grateful if all scooters could be made available to anyone who is unable to bring a scooter into school on this day, thank you.

There will be class signs to show where to park scooters on this day.

If there are any questions or particular issues, please see Ms. Wornham before the day.