Hands on History

Hands on History is a unique way of learning and was very successful at teaching us about history. They are a company who come into schools; one thing that is good about this company is that they don't use technology and they bring in old artifacts that help us learn. A couple of these artifacts are: portable air raid sirens, World War Two helmets and hats, and the army-man ration boxes that the army would've used during the war. 
They gave us a chance to handle items that most people wouldn't get to experience. To show us how loud a revolver is, Paula (from the company) shot 6 rounds of blank shots. We dressed up so we knew how it felt and everyone got to hold guns and bullets - of all different shapes and sizes - safely and pose with them. 
We learnt how to signal each other using Morse code, a series of dots and dashes that they used in WW2, as well as using flags. We learnt about the different gas masks that they used - even one for a baby. After that, we made our own gas mask out of card and paper and headed to the field for an air raid siren simulation. We had a photograph of our class together wearing our masks. 
Written by Woodpecker class. Edited by Jack Hallard and Elliott Hood.