Rocketing into our Space Topic!

Year 5 have started their topic about Earth and Space 'What's Out There?'! 
You can find our Autumn Term Earth and Space topic web on this page too. 
They began by think about what they want to find out and what they already know about space.
They created mind-maps to show their ideas. They learned about the moon and its cycles. We have linked our science learning with English, creating moon blackout poems that will be displayed in the hall!
Children have also conducted research into our solar system. The children had the opportunity to present their research and consider how much space research changes. First they looked in books which were dated from 5 years ago - comparing these facts to what can be found on the internet showed them that our knowledge of space has changed dramatically!
When the children were asked: 'How can we find the answers to your questions?' Tajus was right when he said we should ask Alexa!