South Downs Planetarium Trip

"How was the school trip?"

"It was ok."  

Sound familiar? This is probably the conversation you had with your Year 5 child on Thursday 17th October.

If they have not told you what happened on our school trip to the planetarium, you're in luck because we are about to tell you!

The South Downs Planetarium in Chichester offered many exhibitions such as the auditorium with a projector that showed us constellations and planets.


While Year 5 were at the planetarium they learned lots of different facts including: the worst injury caused by a meteorite and where they can be found on earth; other planets possibly existing in our solar system; one light year is equivalent to 9.5 trillion years on earth; the Andromeda Galaxy and the Triangulum Galaxy are our neighbouring galaxies in the universe and Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune also have rocky, dusty and icy rings just like Saturn.


We would have loved to show you what the dome was like but it was so dark in the dome, any flashing lights would have ruined the experience. We really recommend the planetarium to families so they can witness the show for themselves and learn new things.

We would like to say thank you to Dr John Mason and all his fantastic colleagues at the planetarium. 

Report by Starling Class