Spy Night!

Year 5 couldn’t believe their eyes at the beginning of term when a letter from MI6 was found in their classrooms! Their mission, if they chose to accept it, was a Spy Training Night held by MI6 at Bramber school on Tuesday 14th January! The letter simply stated that they should inform their parents, wear black and stay silent! They followed all these instructions and soon enough the night was here. 

The children were split into groups and sent around a pitch black school with only torches and their best spy skills to help them! From an obstacle course to electric circuit building; puzzles to video observations they were definitely put to the test! 

What a triumph it was! We clearly have some very talented spies in our midsts! Every team performed with determination and perseverance, helping them to complete every task with moments to spare. 

They could certainly give Alex Rider a run for his money...