The week beginning, the 11th November, Woodpecker and Heron class learnt how to stay safe on the road with our bikes. The County Council came to teach us.



Monday 11th Day 1:

We had a practice session on our bikes. We went over skills that were in level one to get us ready for Tuesday. We did this on the playground.


Tuesday 12th Day 2:

Before we went on the road we checked our bikes; tyres, brakes, chains and pedals then we did a clothes check. Next we were ready to go on the road, When we went on the road we learnt Primary Position and Secondary Position!


Wednesday 13th Day 3:

First we had another safety check. We then rode down to a small junction where we practised. We learnt how to do signals and when to check for any oncoming vehicles.


Thursday 14th Day 4:

Before we went on the road again we did another safety check to see that everything was fine for the road. Then we went out to a different road to practice with more difficult junctions. We also learnt how to do U-Turns.


Friday 15th day 5:

Before we went on the road we had another safety check yet again. When we were all ready to get on the road we rode down to a different place .We continued doing Junctions.

We really enjoyed learning safety on the road and we now know how to stay safe. We would like to say a massive thank you and I hope other schools enjoy it as much as we did.


Ella, Amelia and Bethany - Heron class